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Heller Industries : Reflow oven

Application: Vacuum Reflow/ Formic Acid Reflow/Pressure Cure Oven/Magic Carpet Reflow


Nordson March : Surface plasma treatment

Application: Plasma treatment for surface cleaning, activation, etching, wafer descum, PCB desmear.


Nordson Asymtek : Dispenser

Application: High precision dispensing for strip, wafer, panel level package


Nordson Yestek : AOI

 Application: AOI for 3D Die Placement, Wire bonding, Die bonding inspection



 Application: Atmospheric Ar / H2/O2 /N2 Plasma , no ion bombardment, no ESD, no sparks and UV


Application: Laser solution for laser cutting, laser marking and laser drill


ECD Temperature Profiler

Application: Continuous measurement of various furnace temperatures